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I was observing Mars last night at quite high mag and a satellite passed slowly through the FOV. This must have been quite high because normally satellites pass very quickly if you happen to catch them through the eyepiece. Any thoughts?

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I saw something like that lastnight, just rewinding Stellarium brings up AJISAI satelite at 12 midnight, and the SL-6 R/B @ 12.05 and Cosmos 1975 @ 12.06am  I think I may have saw one of these before bed, if later you could rewind Stellarium, oh and a shooting star also went by which blew the Mrs away :D

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a couple days ( 3-4 days) ago when i was trying to capture leo triplets. 

i had failed a couple of times to even see them in the scope, i put it down to the small ST80,

so i went star skipping, i went to regulas and hung around there for a couple mins, ( few sips on the yorkie tea),

returning to the scope and 25mm eyepiece i notice a star moving backwards. 

the weird part it was moving slow enough for me to barlow up, re-aquire target and slip a 10mm in the holder.

i tracked this new object heading east at the same ALT as regulas , moving at a slow speed (#6 slew speed ).

i lost sight when it started to dip away east towards mars. its not the first time i have spotted a backwards flying star and slow travel


denebola, regulas, orion sword are the three places i have seen this kind of backwards flying star/object.

its not an aircraft because i also hunt them at night to ( more so in moonlight as it gliters and highlights vapour trails)

so am acustomed to seeing landing/navi/and strobe, 

but backwards flying stars have puzzled me and stellarium says theres nowt there in the sky.

i just put it down to some weirding effect or my old eyeballs have a few floaters hanging around

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Thanks for the reminder..I had forgotten that Stellarium shows satellites too. We saw one last night around midnight as we were observing Mars :)

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