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This time I went for it and dropped in the 2x barlow then webcam. This gives me approx 600x magnification :D

Out of a 2 minute+ movie containing 2226 frames, only 2 frames had the whole of it in frame!!! flippin ek. :shock:. So no stacking involved here just the raw frames extracted from the avi file.

Damn shame that the other two solar arrays wern't at the right angle to reflect any light to us.


And if you wondered why it seems to stay bright for longer in the East... this might explain it


Thanks for looking


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I would imagine that focus is pre set - on a star or similar earlier in the evening.

Then align the finder and main scope VERY CLOSELY and follow the ISS (keeping the ISS on the cross hairs) and hoping to god that the ISS is on the chip for at least one frame.

2 frames from 2000.... that's some odds...?

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Hi Ant.. you've pretty much sum'd it up. They key is getting that finder accuracy spot on. One problem I did have is 2 minutes of your head being glued to the finder causes it to eventually mist up making it hard to see the crosshairs (kinda essential for this!). It's sooo much harder with the 2x barlow. When I did this last time before Christmas, I didnt use the barlow and got enough frames to do stacking...well about 15. No chance this time.

Can anyone see Shuttle Atlantis in the pics anywhere ? I know it must be there but struggling to see her.


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Thanks for all your kind words, I had another go last night, two panels were reflecting but the high thin cloud made them look a nasty colour which couldn't better the look of Saturday's attempt. Gonna have another go tonight... I cant settle for just one solar panel! :D


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