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Portable Monitor res for live Video astronomy ?


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OK, I thought I'd post this question here, technically not the video astro forum, but I suspect the knowledge-base is here....

I'm getting the Watec WAT-120N+ astro video camera, to feed direct probably into an 8" portable LCD monitor mounted on my scope, for live deep sky viewing, not imaging. The camera output is Composite Video of resolution 570TVL (horizontal) x 570TVL (vertical) and is fed to a monitor via a BNC socket. Typically this camera would be hooked up to an old school cathode ray CCTV monitor. So I want a medium/ small LCD monitor that is mountable on the scope. The monitor would have a native screen resolution eg 1024x768 pixels or 800 x 600 pixels, or 640 x 480 pixels, and probably selectable for the actual display resolution. Such as here: http://www.hunters-wholesalers.co.uk/images/DSM8WGF-Datasheet.pdf


My question: with a video camera resolution of 570TVL (horizontal) x 570TVL (vertical), what is the most ideal pixel resolution of an LCD monitor used with it ???

And is there potential for freaky stuff to happen eg the view being stretched due to wrong aspect ratio on the monitor, differing pixel shapes, or the image being over/ under sized relative to the actual screen ?? 

Cheers, Jon

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