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M42 with a £5 scope and Canon 400D

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Shortly after discovering that my 400D would not achieve focus on my Skywatcher 130PM :D , I attached it to my sons £5 80mm f/400 scope which was purchased last year from a car boot sale and the results far exceeded my expectations :shock:

14 x 30 second subs, stacked in DSS and messed around with in Paint Shop Pro 8, (new to this so no clue as to what to do but I was trying to bring out as much of the nebula as possible without making it look too processed). I can even just about start to see the running man taking shape :shock:

I fully appreciate that these images are not a patch on most of the others posted here but given the cost of the scope I am simply amazed and just had to share them with you :D


(click to enlarge)


(click to enlarge)

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Have I screwed up on the image sizes here ? They used to show "click to enlarge" but now just show the large images :D Can someone please give me some guidance as to what I have done wrong to avoid it happening again ?



**** OK - now got the image size thing sorted thanks . Got a bit carried away and did not think of reducing the image sizes for all the 56k folk still out there :nono: Sorry :nono: . (have now read the image guidelines) 8) ****

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That looks really cool. :thumbleft:

I really enjoy looking at pics shot with 'beginners' / 'Limited' equipment.

Really gives you a feel for what everyone can achieve once gaining mastery of their stuff...

(Still can't get my polar alignment right :?)

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