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Comet / 2012 k1 Panstarrs in Bootes

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Me too Kerry'

Just had some rough stuff go through as I was trying to solar watch, so it looks clear in the direction of the

approaching weather just now down to horizon.

Little crescent moon but it should not interfere much.  Fingers crossed

Its moving around the feet of the Bear now so this thread will soon become even more innacurately named.


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Nice sight last night barely one-eighth of a degree from mag 4.7 HIP 51658.

With 4 reasonably bright comets spotted in the last year, I'm beginning to feel like Messier:)

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I spotted it in my 130mm heritage scope last night. Dec 40 ra 10h 30mins.

Its still very observable but you have to wait till 11.30 for it to get semi dark!


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Saw it last night but not clearly due to a combination of high thin clouds, twilight and moonlight. Consequently could not see much detail and the head seemed less bright than I remembered. Later it dropped below my roof from my observing position; good to keep track of it though.

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Going to have to do something about the "Bootes" part of the thread title.

Saw Panstarrs again Last night (12th June) about equidistant from Beta and 21 Leo Minoris.

It appeared like a rather faint little wedge in the moonlit sky, and I could not make out any brightening

in the head. 

Hopefully as the moon moves out of the way now its beyond full our visitor will blossom again,

although this evening's forecast calls for showers overnight here from the north, which means I guess that some

of you guys are already suffering Thunder induced visibility reduction.

I'll go out tonight until I here the rumble - The planets will keep me going until full dark.

Have a good weekend,    Mick

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