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1st time out in weeks: Mars 15th April


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Couldn't resist the clear skies here last night, here are a few Mars edits - very pleased with the results having never imaged Mars before!

Equipment: SW 180pro Mak, 2x Barlow (would a 2.5x or 3x be worth getting, or would that be pushing the scope too far?), ASI120MC.

Processing: AS!2 (4000-5000 frames for these images), Registax 6 for wavelets, Photoshop elements for final levels

The first 3 have been enlarged to 150%, the last one is original size to show what I'm getting directly from the camera & 2x barlow. 




The above image at 'original' size:


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Thanks oldpink, yeah I think a 3x Barlow may be on order very soon - I wasn't sure how far you could push the magnification before the image gets too 'dark' to be usable without negatively affecting exposure time & frame rate. The 180 mak is f15, so a 3x barlow would make it f45 (that's my understanding, correct me if I'm wrong!) which sounds quite high to me! What do people get away with for Mars?

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Nice image, quite similar to the one I shot at F/30 (TeleXtender) in my C8 with an ASI120MC. I think yours are a touch sharper (but I might tweak the processing a bit, to extract more)


I have seen some really nice shots at F/40 with the ASI120 and a C9.25, so longer F-ratios can work

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