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ISS my best so far

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Another attempt at the ISS. This time Canon 100d and 1200mm which actually is a 200 f4 with a 2x and 3x on it. Managed to bang off 50 frames when it was directly over head. What you get is a tiny little dot in the frame. (Currently given up trying to track it with the scope). Pipp to crop them all and then stack.

First image is what I got from the stack of 50 drizzled at 3x, lots of CR which I got rid of by stretching the red away, then to B&W and play with registrax a lot. Result is second image. The lens is a very old M42 Pentacon 200mm but has very good optics, the teleconverter stack leaves a lot to be desired even for the £10 they cost me! So f24 1200mm @ 3200 ISO, 50 frames: half at 1/1000 half at 1/1600.

I'm pretty pleased with the result. Please feel free to grab the png and play with the wavelets.




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That is very nice. To get rid of atmospheric dispersion problems you can also use the RGB align method in Registax.


Cheers for that. I tiddled around for about an hour on registax, kind of trial by error approach. Will have another try tonight if it stays clear.


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