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Just back from Astrofest

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Exactly the same as last year - far too crowded, although it did thin out a bit a the day wore on.

Didn't see any real bargains, or none that appealed anyway, but good to have a wander round. Saw an NEQ6 Pro with a 300mm newt on it - thought my EQ6 with a 250mm was big, but this was in another league. Made a joke to the chap I was standing next to about keeping it in the corner of the lounge and he said he already had a 16" dob in his!!!

Anyway back again tomorrow for lunch with anyone I can find and the afternoon session.


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Got a bit confused about meeting times in earlier posts, but since I've had my look around today, I'll be lurking in the foyer from 12:30 onwards.

If anyone wants to say hi, I'll be the vertically challenged chap with the little read and black MAN's handbag thing over my shoulder.


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I am sitting at a computer in the hotel, having just arrived. Beautiful day all day travelling down, but the train was brim full. I hope they all aren't going tomorrow.

Really looking forward to seeing real people instead of names on a screen.

See you tomorrow guys, hopefully.

Ron. :D

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See you tomorrow Mike, I'll bring my Tazer. That should thin the crowds out a touch.


Is that the modded or unmodded Tazer Tony? :lol:

Well let's put it like this, I'll be bringing the 23Ah batter I normally use to power my mount with :D :D.


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Does anyone know how much it is to park all day in the nearby car park to Kensington Town Hall?

Also does anyone know where you can park all day and catch a tube in from the M4 side of London?

Got tickets for tomorrow but cant decide on the best means of getting there.



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Was planning to go, have tickets, hotel booked but...it's fantastically clear!....and I go away with work for a month from Sunday!!!

Might make it tomorrow, depends when I get to bed!!!

I'd only spend next years wages anyway says the missus :D


Have fun guys and gals :D



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I'll be with a very motley crew... :D

I won't shower....That should do the trick re crowds.. :D

Funny, I had the same thought...

Motley crew? :lol:


I'll be with the motleys!

See you there :D

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