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Very blue stars in Cassiopeia...or an issue with the camera?

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Hi Folks,

I've been trying to get to grips with my wife's Canon 1100d, and I've been taking some random shots of the sky with different settings (exposure / iso etc) to get familiar with it all.  I'm heading down to the South West in a few days, and figure it would be good to do a few comparison shots between Leeds and the middle of deepest, darkest Cornwall!!

My setup is a little unorthodox.  It's an 1100d mounted on the back of a Mak 127, tracking the sky on an Alt-Az mount using a gorilla pod to secure it! :grin:   It's a little sturdier than it looks in the photos, as long you prop it up snuggly against the finderscope, and as long you don't want to image anything too high in the sky, otherwise you risk testing your catching skills when the camera slips of the scope! :eek:

post-23024-0-99948300-1397414492_thumb.j post-23024-0-05123100-1397414561_thumb.j

Last night I was looking at Cassiopeia, and I think by chance I got a very feint double-cluster in the frame too.  Might have another crack at this patch of sky and see if I can stack enough subs to pull out a reasonable image.

When zooming in to see how round my stars are (or aren't! :rolleyes:) I noticed three insanely blue stars in the frame.  They appear in each of the ten or so shots I took of this part of the sky.  Looking back over previous images of other parts of the sky, they don't appear.  Much as I would love it if there were stars this colour up there, I've not seen any like this before.  So is this a trick / fault of the camera, or something else?  :icon_scratch:


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Ah , thanks all.  No Stephen, no bias frames yet, just a single 30s sub.  I did take some darks etc so might throw them all together and see what DSS makes of it all! :smiley:

Proflight, I think I'm going to have a crack at that this evening.  Even with the ground light here you can see a whole-load of feint stars over there, so I think it might be a good part of the sky to experiment!  Can't wait to have a crack at imaging it from dark skies too.

Thanks again for your thoughts.  I feel like this is the start of a long, very enjoyable, very expensive hobby! :grin:

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