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C38 / NGC4565 / Needle Galaxy


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This is far from the best image I've ever posted, but I got some data last night (felt good scratching that itch!) so had a quick stab at it :)

35 x 300s Astrodon L filter

Tak 130 @ f12 (1500mm)

QSI 690 (binned 2x2)

Flats (21K ADU) and bias applied (though flats appear to have not worked)

Blobby with a vengeance

Average at best seeing

14mph plus winds with strong gusts

Less than perfect focus

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That is a ncapture under the circumstances. I tried for M106 last night with an ATIK 314L+ and a Baader Neodymium filter as Lum with 300s subs, after about a half hour I packed up and came in due to the clouds rolling in. The seeing even when it was clear was terrible, the best that I could get the FWHM down to was an average of 2 and then would jump up to 2.90 and so on, very unsteady conditions so well done for managing 35 subs.


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