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The Leo Triplet

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Another 'quickie' from last night, that was cutailed by the arrival of the cloud. :D

Only managed a hour on this one with an 80mm scope, which is somewhat less than ideal, but half an image is better than no image at all in this country :D

SXVF-H9C - ED80 + f/6.3 RF 6x600 sec subs.



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just have to get the core of those galaxies down a wee bit , then super job ,

heehehhe Rog


With just six subs, there wasn't a lot of image to play with :D

That's an ineteresting point Rog, one galaxy core I can cope with, but three in one image, and all different, now that's another challenge :?


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Great colour, nice framing getting all 3 in there. Well done :D

A way to deal with the cores without having to take sets of different exposures is to do a couple of different stretches (levels/curves) and save the images. Then you copy and paste the required areas as you would with blending different exposures.

Works very well.



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Thanks Rob, I'll have a play around with what you suggest, albeit I would like a bit more image to work with.

That one's a bit boderline with regard to noise, as its around half of the exposure that I set out to do.


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