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Well I've had a busy couple of weeks with work and other things so been well away from the forums and hobby in general, which as we've had such poor skies I haven't missed to much.

Last month I created a post for March objects here, what do us beginners have to spot this month in April?

Jupiter is still nice and high in the sky and can clearly be seen for most of the night.

Mars is now rising earlier but still low in the sky.

Saturn is about too, however I still haven't had a clear night to even get the chance to see this so it will be my first time.

With moving into April, the clocks have changed and the evenings are staying lighter meaning Orion is already getting lower in the sky by the time it gets dark.

Do you have a suggestion of an easy object to see this month for a beginner?

If you can think of more than one perhaps pick different directions in the sky to help out people with restricted views.

Naked Eye viewing or reasonable bins for viewing would be preferred as items to use, after all these are supposed to be easy objects to find for a beginner.

Looking forward to seeing the suggestions as last month produced some good ones with some good feedback from likewise beginners.

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The April issue of Astronomy Now features objects in Canes Venatici and covers items from easy viewing in Bins to more difficult objects.

Some of those listed:-


      Alpha Canes Venaticorum (Cor Caroli), an easy colourful double.

     M3 A very nice globular cluster, viewable with a small scope.

    Y Canes Venaticorum (La Superba), one of the best really red stars in the whole sky. Use either bins or low power scope.

Along with the above there are also listed several galaxies,M51,  M63, M94, and  M106.

All the above are visible in smaller scopes but leave the galaxies 'til the moon is out of the way.

Hope this helps.

Clear skies and good luck.


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Yes, as above, plus M53 in Coma Berenices; and if you are out in the next few nights with the Moon blotting out a lot of objects, on the opposite part of the sky M34 in Perseus is a good open cluster target.

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Mars, Mars, Mars... With it being opposition, this would be the best month in two years to catch it, although it's fairly unfavourable, so don't expect to see anything bigger than a lentil.

+1 for the above suggestions - M53 is particularly easy to find due to its proximity to Alpha Coma Berenices. M81 and M82 are in a really good position too, and M94 is a surprisingly easy galaxy to find. I've been extolling its virtues for several weeks now and really should find another galaxy to bang on about.

Naked eye wise, why not the Coma Star Cluster itself? On a moonless night I can make it out even in London, and it looks lovely with binoculars. Speaking of which, Praesepe (M44) is another nice star cluster, very loose and best seen with the bins.


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