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The Eskimo Nebula....F10 guided with 14" LX200GPS

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Hello all,

Here's the second helping from my marathon imaging session of the 1st/2nd.

I love this planetary :D

Guiding at this focal length was a little tricky, I lost 11 frames while I was tweaking the guider settings...adjusting RA aggressiveness/hysterisis etc.

I did switch the guiding off to see if it'd be better or worse....worse!

Frames are 90 seconds each. At 2 minutes I was getting some trailing and also didn't want to burn out the very interesting central area. This is a bright, if small, object so with the 14" I think 90 seconds was enough.

Eventually I got the guiding settled and this is the result.

I had a go at F25/30 seconds but....... :D....still, had to try!

39 x 90 seconds

LX200 GPS 14" @ F10 / Atik 16 HRC

Guided with a TAL 100R @ F10 / DSI PRO / PHD




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Top of the Pops that one Rob. What a strange object. It looks totally unreal, but it is, and fantastically so. It would be interesting to see a planetary nebula stranger than this one.

A most excellent Image.

Ron. :D

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Cracking image. Believe it or not I've just walked in after viewing the Eskimo. A little dull circular blob is what I saw and you can turn it into an image like that. Fantastic.

Thanks folks, your words are greatly appreciated :D

I had a look visually myself last night Monsieur Thing, through the 14".....dull round blob!!!

I did view M42 visually though, truly stunning....the Trap area was better than I've ever managed to image....jewels of stars!

Don't you wish our eyes could see as well as a CCD....or an owl :D



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