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newbie wondering??

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Having seen some of the imaging you guys get i would love to have a go at it

but im not sure how to go about it or whether its poss with the equipment i have??

i have a meade etx 105 and a few cameras 2x SLRs and a digital sony cyber-shot 3.2mp.

is it possible with what i got or will i need adapters or such like???



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Hi Jed,

If you were going to use the SLR's then all you would need is a T adapter (www.modernastronomy.com sells them), you remove the eyepeice and the camera lense and the T ring connects the two - using the telescope as the camera lens.

With the Digicam (I'm not overly familiar with your model) but you can either hold it to the EP with your hand - you'll be suprised at the results you can get with that. Or you can buy one of these...


This will enable you to line up (almost) any camera to (almost) any eyepeice for £32 - this is how I started taking pictures...

A lot will depend on the spec of the camera you have, does it have manual focus, does it have manual exposure... etc etc


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