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Just arrived!!

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Hi all, just arrived to SGL. Viewed it several times over the last year but decided now to join.

I've only taken up astronomy via a telescope over the last couple of years, although I've been interested all my life.

I'm also a avid photographer with no real domain, just all aspects. I've just bought an astrotrac so this is something I'm really starting to get in to!

I've also started to get in to solar astronomy to,

So over the last couple of years I've spent a ton on gear to try to fulfil my ambitions of well, just looking up!

Started with ( they say work flow, ill call it buy flow :) )...

Meade Etx 125.

Panasonic Lumix Gh3 camera.

Meade lightbridge 10" dob (love it!!)

Celestron 20x80mm binoculars for quick viewing coming home from work as I cross the north York moors. :) spoilt !!

Coronado pst solar scope plus double stack rich view.(amazing, this one has a cracking sweat spot)


So as you can see I just love this hobby.

You might be thinking that's a lot an amount to spend?

I have a condition in my eyes that may one day take my sight away that at the moment is untreatable, so I'm doing it now before I can't .

I look forward to making friends across this site and hopefully meeting up to enjoy this wonderfull hobby we are engulging in.

I firmly believe we should help others understand what we see out there and gain a view on what a lot of people do not think twice about as this is the only world they know or see?

I've enjoyed showing my Son and his friends the crators on te moon, the planets and even the surface of our nearest star!! If only they could see the rest!!

Anyway thanks for accepting me and looking forward to some fun.


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Hi Dinozorr and welcome to SGL, you will, no doubt, be like a lot of others on the forum, that enjoy the hobby, very enthusiastic with a lot of empty pockets :)

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Hi and welcome to the lounge

you have some very nice kit, but believe me, It probably

won't stop there, this wonderful hobby makes you wan't

to see more and more.

Good Luck and Clear Sky's

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Welcome to SGL, on this site no-one comments on how much you spend, or why, they just offer help for any problems you may find on your journey with this exciting hobby of ours.



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Hi and welcome to SGL - Sounds like you are having a ball! There's a few of us imagers knocking about the forum, so I look forward to seeing some of your pics :smiley:

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