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Which One's The North Star???

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Hi and welcome to the forum. The problem at our age is not observing the universe that is older than ourselves, the difficulties start when you desire to observe heavenly bodies that are younger than

Hi and welcome I'm 50 odd years myself and just got into this game  I believe you are never to old to start something like this, Regards

oh well im just a youngster at 48 Bought a telescope for the current mrs Jesterowl and when i was doing the research into what scope to get her I got hooked myself.  I got her a skywatcher 130P autot

Yet another Silver Gazer here - 52 and only started this year. You're never too old to get into this fascinating subject - Welcome and enjoy the support and banter that this forum gives us all

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Hi Justlooking, great handle :)

I'm 50 this year but I did approximately 94.4762% of my astronomy learning as a boy so I only expend mental effort in keeping up with new stuff.

Interestingly, the biggest advances in practical amateur astronomy are in the field instrumentation. Telescopes and imaging equipment etc. Coming back to it after a 10 year or so hiatus I'm feeling like a newbie myself!

The stars and planets haven't changed but our technology has bounded forwards. We're all learning something new. You'll soon catch up :D

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Welcome to SGL.

I actually got into physics and astronomy during my days in the army. I was in Green Slime so got to play with satellite imagery a little, which got the ball rolling!

Kind regards from Lincolnshire,


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Welcome to the forums, as long as you can look up (relatively speaking) astronomy doesn't care who, what or when you are...now, the clouds, totally different, watch out for them, very cunning bunch, they are our sworn enemy! :)

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