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Little adapter to mount the LS35 on photo tripod

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Some time ago I experimented a bit with mounting the LS35 on a Cullman photo tripod. The main problem with this is that the centre of mass is well above the altitude axis. I have therefore made a little wooden adapter, which attaches to the tripod head, which is then titled 90 degrees (normally used for taking pictures in portrait format). I attached a Baader Vixen-style clamp on the wood such that the centre of the clamp coincides with the altitude axis. The clamp is attached with two M6 screws to the wood. The screws touch the altitude axis, so the adapter and clamp do not sag when the scope is attached. The result is a nifty lightweight set-up that I can easily take anywhere.







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Just curious to know,do you think you could fit the lunt 35 to the base of a heritage 130p,as this utilizes a similar dovetail Barlow? Lovely scope by the way,I'm seriously considering adding this to my collection. Always been interested in our nearest star and do a lot of observing with my 200p dob/baader solar film. Thanks

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An interesting solution Michael but is the centre of gravity with the scope mounted not too far out from the centre line of the tripod thus making it easy to topple over?

I like the idea though as it could be better solution than mine - an aluminium plate bent to an angle of about 110 deg fixed to a Manfrotto geared head (sorry but no photo at present). This keeps the centre of gravity closer to the tripod centreline but makes for an ungainly solution. Having said that, I have the Solarmax 60 which will be much heavier than the Lunt 35.

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I have been giving your idea some thought as to how I could best implement it for my scope. What if you replaced your flat wood adaptor by a 90 deg angle bracket with the clamp on the inside of the vertical edge? Your your tripod head would need to be horizontal and the c of g of the scope could be kept over the centre line of the tripod - if you see what I mean. I'll have a look at this possibility for myself tomorrow.

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