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Just a simple question

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Not worth trying to image too much cloud and crud in the atmosphere, I doubt I could have managed a single 10min sub in that.

It seems half the Sahara desert is floating above us (looking at my car with all the dust on it).


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Continuous rubbish in Glasgow - not a glimmer of a star :( No forecast for any clear skies either :( I suppose April is traditionally rainy. Sigh.

Still, I've spent some of my time trying to figure out a better way of polar aligning - at least for Azimuth adjustment. Of course, I need to see some stars in order to try the ideas out!


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Tonight I managed 4X240s of RED on NGC 4631 before the clouds parked themselves over Canes Venatici , Heeha, the good times are back. I was joking 4X240s, pathetic.


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