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Can someone tell me what this black patch is?

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That's a rubbish image it should look like this

Dead cat on the lens?

In all seriousness you need to clean your lens and possibly the camera's sensor. Try a bulb blower first. A bug possibly?

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I have found the problem, It's a really faint reflection of my turned of lights, my laptop is causing it to cast a very faint shadow, almost invisible to the naked eye on the window. I feel stupid now...

dont feel daft. 

many of us have done the same sort of thing, like take a photo and forget you did not remove the lens cover first. 

or you forgot to load a empty memory card into cam lol. 

the good thing is, you know what the source was and can combat it next time. 

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Glad it was as simple as the window, thought it was when I looked at both images.

Don't feel stupid, look at the fun everyone has had in here. I think we found out who all the trekkies are!  :smiley:

Just goes to show that people can be light hearted about it all and you still get some good advice.

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Glad you got to the bottom of the mystery.

as has allready been said there is no such thing as stupid questions, just questions!

and humour by the bucket load, it a great crowd in here.


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