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Hi from Carlisle

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I have been interested in navigation all my life, this interest culminated in becoming skipper of sailing vessels far and wide. Along this journey I have been fortunate enough to see the stars mid ocean on a moonless night and will never forget how stunning it is to be in truly dark place with hours of dark adaptation.

 Anyone interested in navigation cannot fail to see the historical links with the night sky hence an interest in astronomy was slowly formed. As my interest has been from a navigational point of view and only recently have I looked through a home made telescope (a converted Novaflex 400mm Camera lens) to see the heavens in more detail and I am really enjoying myself.

 I have logged in here at SGL because every time I search online for astronomy info there is always a link to here with good folk willing to help. I have read a lot of great stuff on here and say thanks to all who have contributed to unknowingly contributed to expanding my knowledge of all things to do with stargazing.

Regards Steve

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Wow that was quick cheers all.

I have spent lots of time in Saddleworth as I grew up within walking distance.  Always put mind mind of a miniature Scotland in places. The very reason I learned to navigate was to have compete freedo

For years I yearned to sail under a clear sky,only to realise clear skies equal no wind equals no sailing ugh... I solved this one with trade winds that blow with the seasons. If I was out there now I

Hi Steve welcome to the lounge,

as the saying go's, you learn something new every day, you

certainly do here in S G L.  Enjoy!

Good Luck and Clear Sky's

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Welcome, this site is brilliant, I've not been on here long myself but everyone is soo helpful and I've learnt a lot and will continue to do so :-)

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