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SGL 9 weather


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regarding tent putter uppers, might need some help @ Kingfisher 12 later (looking to arrive mid-day'ish'), I got the basics like getting the poles through an all that and pegging the groundsheet, but when we did the test run, we found some guy ropes that were connected to the tent in 2 places and couldnt, for the life of me, figure them out!!

Im sure its quite simple, but obviously I'm even simpler!!   :eek:

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Accuweather....wasn't. There were a few spits and spats (literally) until around the 4:45pm time... Then it got harder and stronger and has just stopped (20:00). In fact, this morning, it was pleasant and I even saw, the sun !

Perfect now (as in not raining).

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Yes, dryer now ... well for the last 10 mins.

the infrared satellite images show the chance for a few breaks in the cloud maybe from 10 or 11 onward but that depends on whether the cloud mass which is coming up from france is blown more easterly before it reaches us .


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Three hour clear slot approaching Hereford from the SW.

Clearance now crossing Cornwall.

Looks like it might arrive around 4/5pm so it might be a tadd early bit it should allow us to have a great view of the crescent moon and Jupiter. Basically don't wait for astronomical darkness, make the most of the time it is getting dark.

So perhaps a challenge. How many galaxies can you spot before 7pm!

As this is a warm front approaching expect you can see how many cloud types you see before we lose the stars. Look out for cirrus first and then cirrostratus which unfortunately will give way to altostratus later in the evening.



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Hi all, didn't manage to make it in the end , but have been tracking the weather on the sat feeds and you should get about 3 hours from 5-6 , so good hunting everyone, there is the possibility of a further break following in , I will keep a close eye on it.

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