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Best bino-night of the year thus far 2014-03-23

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Greetings SGL

I managed to jump in the car and go a few km out of town to a semi-dark site in order to use the gap in the clouds and the good transparency/seeing.

Since I didn't have time to load my full gear (it was already way past 10pm when I started out) but I grabbed by 10x50 and my Nikon.

I revisited a whole lot of familiars like the Double Cluster, The Beehive Cluster, Jupiter with moons, Mars, Double-double in Lyrae and M13.

Spurred on by this I tried some objects I only saw in the scope earlier like M81+M82. Very dim and fuzzy but I managed to confirm having spotted them by their alignment towards eachother.

Because of this, I decided to hunt some new messiers; the globs M92 and M56I tried M5 but couldnt get a lock on it (southern sky was brighter from LP and a dim band of clouds lurked just beneath Mars).

I also took some pictures in various directions to see what I could pick out. Very pleased with the results.

Here's a selfie I took:

"Selfie" of the Night

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Thanks. Was with quite a bit of looking at surrounding objects and indirect seeing, but I have a distinct feeling I saw a fuzzy patch at the right place for M56, but nothing with direct seeing. I wouldn't have judged it possible unless I had confirmation for seeing faint magnitudes by having spotted M81-M82. I'd say it's still about 20% chance I might have mis-judged spotting it, so I'll be back for it when I get a chance.

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