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EQtooth question

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I'm aware you can buy these for either the eq6 or eq5 but as I've got one for my NEQ6 I'm hoping I can get an adapter that would allow me to use it with my HEQ5 as well. Does anyone know if one exists and can point me too it. Much appreciated ;)

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This ???


Says HEQ5, doesn't seem to say EQ5 which you do.

Reading it it sounds af if the 2 mounts have different units, which would imply that the connectors and/or pins are different. Otherwise I would have said that EQMOD simply used different gear ratios in order to control the mounts. I recall that the Meade ETX-90 handset can be used on the ETX-70 simply by altering the numbers of teeth that the handset thinks each drive has. So would have thought similar for this.

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They come in two flavours :) Eq6 and Eq5 in terms of the connector. What I'm looking for is a female D connect to the RJ45 so I can connect the EQ6 9-way Dtype connector on the EQtooth cable to the RJ45 connector on the HEQ5 that way I can use the EQtooth on both mounts :D

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The normal handset can be used on either mount with the correct cable to I'm assuming the EQtooth will as well so long as I can find an adapter to connect to the other mount

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