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A Hello From Hull


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Just thought I would create a post and say hi.

I’ve been interested in space and science all my life (bit of a self confessed sci-fi geek :lol:) and always wanted to have a telescope. Two Christmas my wife bought me a small 3” reflector from Toys R Us, it wasn’t the best quality scope but it got me hooked. Since then I’ve been saving for a much bigger scope and on Monday my new scope arrived. :lol:

I ended up getting an 8” Skywatcher Explorer on a EQ5 mount, so far I am very impressed with it! The scope itself appears to be well made and put together, and last night I took it out for a first look. I was absolutely blown away by the view of Orion’s Nebula (M42), it was just so beautiful, could pick out quite a lot of detail. I’m even more hooked than I was before, cant wait to take it out and search for some other M objects.

But the clouds are back today :lol: so i'll have to wait before i can go out again!

As you can tell I’m pretty new to all this so I will most likely be asking a lot of questions, hope none of you mind!!!


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Welcome jon you've come to the right place. If you was impressed with the Orion nebular then hold onto your sox, coz you ain't seen nothing yet! I cant think of any other hobby that gives you the same buzz like the one you get when you find these cozmic gems buried amongst the stars for the first time. Happy hunting friend.....paul t

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Wahaay!! Another Reflector!!! Woo-hoo!!

Sorry JD - we were losing the fight against 'frac owners :lol: :lol:

Anyway, a cracking scope you have there - I know, I have the same model on the HEQ5 mount.

As Gaz says, wait till a moon-less night and look again. You'll need to buy more socks :lol:

Ask any questions you like - we're here to help!

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Yeah i figured the moon would be blocking a lot of things, so i cant wait till the end of the month to have another look. :lol: Going to try for a few other M objects next time and of course any planets that are around

Dont have a moon filter yet but i couldnt stop myself from looking at the moon with me scope, loved teh detail i saw at 40x. Althought it did blind me slightly for a few mins :lol:

Yep got a reflector, refractor was never a real option for me all i really had to make my mind up about was the mount. Nearly went for a dob, but i think i might want to do some photos later so when for an EQ mount instead.

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Yep it is a real beauti and so far i very very happy with it, all i really need now is some more eyepieces to go for better magifications. Most likly get a 2x barlow first tho.

I was really please that the primary was centre spoted, glad i dont ahve to do that myself!

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Welcome, welcome, welcome!!!!

Several of us have that set up and are more than happy with it - Last night wasn't brilliant seeing due to the moon, but you could still make out some detail in the nebula, Andromeda galaxy looks good in that scope with a low power eyepiece.

Any questions - just ask..


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Mick.G. I pronounce it 'Ull, i seem to have lost the abillity ro say the letter H :lol: It sounds really wrong when anyone on the news says Hull.

I heard light pollution filters dont really do much to help the view, was i told wrong? Anyone had good experinaces with them? The other night between the moon and the lights of Ull i doubt i could see anything beyond mag 2 or 3 with the naked eye, could see a load more through the finder and scope of course.

I am really pleased with my new scope, my only really problem is between my house and a tree in the back garden im limited to east to south view of the night sky. Although there is a lot in that view to keep me entertained!

Thanks to everyone for your warm reception, its good to talk to other stargazers in the uk! :lol:

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