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Moon 7 March 2013 around 8pm

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Here's a shot of the moon I grabbed today. Turned on my mount and the handset date read that it's two months since I've last been out so roll on spring and some better weather!

Anyhow, this one was taken at ISO 100 at 1/60 of a second with my Canon 700d on a 150PL.


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Ps. if anybody knows, how do you insert pictures so they are bigger on screen? When I add a picture to a post it always comes out much smaller than the original.

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pps, you can tell I'm posting this late as I definitely took this picture on 7 March 2014 not 2013 as the title says... doh!

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Really nice image, nice detail when shown full size.

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Crikey - that's nicely done - very sharp.

In answer to your question; if you upload the image to your gallery, I think you can then cut and paste the BB code for the image into your post. (Don't ask me what BB stands for!)....or you can just upload a full size image to somewhere like Flickr or Astrobin and paste a hyperlink into your post to supplement the small standard image.


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really nice, well done getting so much detail at 1/60th second !

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    • By MarsG76
      Hello Astronomers,
      On the 12th August, between 18:34 and 19:21 we had a occultation of Saturn by the moon.
      Of course I couldn't miss out of such a event so I took the day of work and setup my gear so that I could simultaneously capture the event as well as observe it.
      I had the SCT recording with the 618C while observing it in the dob... literally at high power it looked like a Saturn rise... massive lunar horizon filling the field of view with a big Saturn rising from under it, literally animated and visible slowly moving up... Looked amazing in the eyepiece... 
      Photos or videos don't even come close to how good that looks live in the ep.
      I had my eye on the eyepiece in the 14" Skywatcher during the occultation and recorded the start and finish times as soon as I noticed them:
      Occultation Start 18:35.51 AEST
      Reappearance Start: 19:19.37 AEST
      Occultation Finish: 19:21.20 AEST
      I stuffed up the first part video, the covering of Saturn because I still had iCap set to capturing a maximum of 5000 frames left from my planetary imaging, so at 25fps I barely got a 3.5 minute video that stopped just before the actual occultation started... yes I was kicking my self... but at least I watched it... I wasn't going to do the same mistake on the re appearance on the other side...
      Sharing with you my photos and the video of the event... video is sped up to 400%.
      Clear Skies.

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    • By Ruud
      Yesterday the Moon was  low in the sky (in Scorpius), but he seeing was good and allowed magnifications up to  257x.  Gassendi was the most prominent crater on the terminator. Here's a painting of the scene.
      The small Moon image (Stellarium) shows the location of Gassendi.

      Thank you for watching.
    • By Ruud
      9 August was a good night for the Moon, so I studied the region from Ptolemaeus to Arzachel at 231x. Especially Alpertragius stood out, with its oversized central mound. It has been suggested that this is a volcanic feature. Herschel too was quite prominent.

      Thanks for watching.
    • By Tomatobro
      Recently I was given a 4 inch skywatcher Newt for which I made a table mount. I thought I would see what you could do imagining wise using this scope and a mono ASI220.
      200 frames at full resolution, stacked in Autostakert, processed in Registax6 and given a final polish in Windows Photo. Conditions far from ideal with thin high cloud.
      I guess the previous owner will ask for it back...…..

    • By Ruud
      Good seeing yesterday night. I spent some time on the Moon after it cleared the trees. Maurolycus captured my attention. Here's a painting of the scene:

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