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Quick observing Session 1st March

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Last Night was not great but before the clouds rolled in a got a few observations in.


STF65    y/y   A neat and tight pair of stars. Even magnitude both components cream coloured  200mm      x50    2     3.3     8 8


STF182 w/w a tight pair of evenly matched stars, both white. A rich-field of stars many of similar brightness. This is Czernik5 star cluster.  200mm x50    2    3.6    8.3    8.4

STF302 y/o a tight-ish pair of uneven magnitude. The Primary is creamy-yellow. The secondary is faint but has a hint of orange. Best view at 200mm    x50    3    4.7    7.5    10.3

STF956AC y/o A wide uneven pair. Primary is yellow and the secondary orange. Part of a rectangular asterism. B component not observed 200mm     x50    2    36    8    9

Observing session 01/03/2014

Seeing IV/V Transparency III/V No Moon

Scope 200mm F6 Newt

Magnification x50-x150



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Nice session Ian.

I will add those to my list for when we next get a clear night.

Not had a good look around Cas. yet, it's a busy area of the sky, may need a lengthy session.



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