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I've been in the hobby for a long time, but very much a beginner to ccd astrophotography. I took an unconventional approach to my working system, mostly trying to use what I had on hand. I was trying to autoguide my LXD55 mount with an LPI and tried many small scopes for the lack of bright stars. A Meade short tube 60mm Travel scope with a f/ratio  of 5.8 is what I settled on. I use the LPI with a .5 image reducer to yield f/2.9 for the guide scope. A long time friend felt sorry for me and gave me an Orion Starshoot v.1 for my cooled camera. I have an over and under shotgun mounting for the small guide scope and the primary scope which is a humble ETX60.  My rig is small and easy to use for me and I'm starting to get somewhere slowly and surely with it. Oklahoma is a windy place and some of my photos show some wind effects and some of it is not perfect polar setup probably. Anyway I hope you enjoy my photos and look forward to your comments.



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Thanks to all for the thumbs up on my images. While it is windy many times in the US great plains area, it is also very good sky. The OK panhandle is some of the best sky in the US. I'm a member of a

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Thanks for the support and comments. I have a few more images to share from about Nov. 2013 to present. The M51 and M65 / M66 were taken 2-22-14, star roundness is not as good for Leo shot for I was imaging close and through the Meridian on Leo. The M27 and M1 shot were the first successful shots with the present scope setup. I use an old version of Meade AutoStar suite that supports LPI and and old version of ASCOM ver. 4.1. My laptops are both IBM T40, Windows XP, one controls the LPI and the other controls the Orion StarShoot v.1.




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