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A rough horsehead and flame jan 27th

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Considering the clarity of the sky last night I'm more than a little disappointed with what I managed to image (I blaming the moon), anyway here's the first of the two objects earmarked for imaging last night, ic434 the horsehead neb, only got 3 subs of this before it disappeared behind a house.

Object ic434 Horsehead Nebula

Subs 3x600sec @ iso 400

Image scope LXD55 SN10 on an EQ-6 Pro

Guide scope ED80-Pro and QHY5 cam

Camera Canon 350d + Neodymium LP filter

Stacked with Maxim dl

Proc with PS CS2 and Noel's actions


(click to enlarge)

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You must have been looking at a different sky to me?

Although there were plenty of stars to be seen, the 'seeing' was actually quite bad, and not helped by a high level haze.

So, if you were imaging under the same sky as me, then I'd say you did well to capture what you did.

Well done I'd say.


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Another fine effort Brian. It is plain to see what you've got here for half an hours worth of exposure, so I would say it's time very well spent.

Moonlight would not have helped your cause, so all in all a good result.

Ron. :D

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You done well there Brain , the sky is bad , well here in Essex at my location , it appears to be ok and in the early days i would be out there imaging , but no more , if it aint crystal ,i dont bother any more , but you done really well with that image .


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