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Overhead aurora from the UK.

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A rare opportunity to photograph a corona aurora from the Thurso,Caithness.


This shot shows aurora over Thurso .The camera is pointing South West so again rare to be looking south

to see aurora


and finally me . First 2 images are 3.2 seconds,iso 3200,f2.8.The one of me is 5 seconds.


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Hahahaa, that's just great!

I was wondering all day when you would turn up and post images that blows everyone else's out of the water!!! Total ownage!!!  :)

Last image = album cover. Mind you it looks like you are conducting the AB, not throwing horns...  :D

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Fabulous images. Sounds like it was quite a display. I was too busy concentrating on imaging Jupiter to the south to even turn round and look north! Doh.

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