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Jupiter Feb 27th LRGB

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Well I actually filled my netbook's HDD last night for the first time in months! Decided to capture the full GRS transit so started captured at 7.25pm and the last image was 10.08pm.

Sadly seeing at the start was horrendous like a disco dancing Jellyfish but later on it did improve to about 5/10. Used colour cam for the animation but did slip in a mono shot near the end when seeing improved.

This is a very quick RRGB using a shot from the red mono and colour cam. Only used partial avis stacked on netbook so hope to improve on this certainly noise wise.

Capture time 22.05UT :


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Very nice Stuart. You have managed to grab some very good detail (polar detail especially) in this shot. 

You just need that seeing to go up a couple of notches for a real corker!!


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Looks very nice to me.

Just been out trying to grab some data myself, but since I last had the opportunity to use it about six weeks ago my HEQ5 has become well out of alignment and the RA axis does not appear to be tracking at all well.  When it's dark is not the time to be finding these things out :(


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Thanks James its a pain when the gear lets you down after all the bad weather. I've felt like Basil Fawltey when that happens, reaching for a branch to thrash the wastrel lol

Cheers Pete yep its not the best data but good enough to play with and thankfuly my digital tv recorder died last week allowing me to salvage the 250GB HDD to use for extra space!

Here is another shot showing Europa and Io taken at 21.54 UT :


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