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First Steps in Guiding


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Hi Folks,

Tonight is the first clear night here since what feels like forever. Of course the local footy club are having a kick about so if I stand in one corner of the garden I can read a book (and probably get a tan too)

So rather than sulk I have decided to try my new to me ASI130mm in the celestron TS70 as a guide scope.

For the last week I have been battling with the camera and its incredible ability to saturate the usb. I read somewhere that these beasties seem to be better on an intel controller and that they dont play well with other usb devices. Fortunately I have an unused controller on the obsy PC so with a bit of creative wiring and a new USB active extender it is connected to the pc and PHD is seeing it nicely. I did the usual running backwards and forwards again to get it in focus, hit the button and it works!

My little SW130 is pointing at M44 and I am taking single shots starting from 60 seconds. Currently up to 5 mins with no trails and going for 6 as I type this.

I am not going to bore anyone by posting images as they are very very washed out thanks to the aforementioned Light Pollution F.C.

Wa-hey, 6 mins just came in with no trailing, here we go for 7!

Proper chuffed


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Got up to 10 mins then it got cloudy and for once I am not miffed at it!

Got some reading / learning to do about balancing and cant wait to try again. it has also pointed out how orange the sky is here, does anyone have any suggestions for a light pollution filter?


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