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Loved your timelapse of this display.

Well done,


Les, did you see anything your way?

Fabulous time lapse Space Ranger, loved the way it began on the horizon and quickly filled the sky.

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    • By Sidecontrol
      I live in the NE of Scotland and have recently been bit by the Astrophotography bug!  I bought a Star tracker a few months back, but only started using it 3 weeks ago (due to crap weather).  The images posted are what I've managed to get with my Fujit XT2 and my various lenses.  Only just started stacking in DeepSkyStacker and trying to stretch / edit in Photoshop.  I've recently gotten the 45 day trial on Pixinsight so will be looking to try out editing in that.
      Looking forward to learning a bunch from everyone!

    • By x6gas
      Been a while since I've done any astronomy but was in Iceland this week and even though the weather was generally not that great did get a couple of nights when the Aurora was pretty good for short spells.  Have a bunch of photos to process but my focus was off for some of them, unfortunately, and I'm thinking I probably should have had the lens stopped down a step or two rather than wide open...
      I was concentrating on watching and enjoying the show rather than photographing it and the battery in my remote failed so some of them have some camera shake but good to get some images.
      This one:  Nikon D40x, 50mm lens, f/1.8, 13s, ISO-100.  Just a bit of curves in PS.
      Like I say, it's been a while and this is the first time I've imaged the aurora, so comments very welcome.

    • By mapstar
      A short timelapse of the Aurora the mob had on the Isle of Skye before getting into viewing the heavens with the dobs.
      Skye Aurora Timelapse
      Sorry there's no sound media isn't my speciality
    • By Demonperformer
      Just seen on TV that aurorae are expected tonight at Scotland/N Ireland latitudes. Just caught the end of the report, so don't have any further details. 
    • By Demon Barber
      Hello All, here`s a date for your diaries,i`m pleased to announce the dates for our Autumn star camp to be held at the award winning http://www.drumroamin.co.uk/
      campsite run by Lesley and Ralph Shell. The dates are Wednesday 3rd October until Monday 8th October 2018.
      All bookings are to be made direct with the campsite, the fees can be checked with Lesley
      With any luck the earlier date this year may work to our advantage-----------time will tell.
      I will post later in the week just wanted to get the dates out there as i have had quite a few enquiries.
      Look forward to seeing new faces and seasoned regulars,
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