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Strange Artefacts on Jupiter Image


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Can anyone help me here? The image below was taken on 15 Feb. I seem to have some strange "onioning" around the edges of Jupiter. It's not the sort of colour fringing you sometimes see before you do the RGB align in Registax. There is nothing visible when you view the original video or in stills. I have processed three videos from the evening all show the same strange rings around the edge of the planet. Other than the strange rings I am pretty pleased with how the ASI camera is working out. I just wish I had some really good seeing. 

Image details:

Skywatcher 250 Goto Flextube Dob

ASI 120MC camera

3x TAL Barlow

27 FPS

3 minutes video

Captured in Sharpcap

Processed in Registax

Stacked best 1400 frames

Hue, saturation, brightness and contrast adjusted in Photoshop

Seeing was average (I'm no good at estimating it properly :))


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Gamma should be set for "50" as folks have already said - I'm not familiar with SharpCap but if the gain was 33/100 I'd say that you were shooting with a very low gain/histogram even for 27fps and a 250mm scope @ f12 or so.....and if that is so you will definitely get those sorts of artefacts with the ASI120MC as they are definitely created with insufficient gain!

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Maybe you could upload the avi to Dropbox and share the link and we can have a look at the original video?

.....that would likely show very little or nothing whatsoever - almost definitely a low histogram: Chris could post the unprocessed stack before wavelets sharpening to either refute or confirm the case. :)

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