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Second Ever DSO.........................M42 of Course :)

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Taken on 24/01/08, first clear night since 19/12/07 :D

I've struggled with two main things in the processing -

1. How to merge/join/stack the two different length exposures?

2. How to get the colours in the nebula?

This is what I did

LX90 8" F10 - Focal reduced to F1.5

DSI 2C using Nebulosity

Guided using a ST80 and PHD Guiding

29 x 120s

36 x 30s

All dark subtracted and then stacked into two masters in Maxim.

Then stacked the two masters in Maxim.

Levels in Nebulosity.

Using this tutorial (from a discussion on UKAI) I worked the curves.

Despeckle, smart sharpen, colour balance in PS CS3

The two stacked files can be got here if anyone would like to play and tell me how to get it better. I know there is plenty of data in there, but I'm too new to this to be able to get it out :D


(click to enlarge)

Yours Roy

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Very Nice, and quite ethereal Roy.

You have put a fair bit into the processing. Not a criticism, but is that

bit of horizontal banding upper left, a product of the DSI c. ? I have one of these cameras, and I have

seen this same feature in a few images in the past.

Ron. :D

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