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Looking for info on this: TSAPO65Q

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is this to be used for imaging if so I would suggest something like the ioptron skyguider if you are looking for a mount for visual the technosky elle is a light relatively cheap alt az mount suitable for small scopes http://www.teleskop-express.de/shop/product_info.php/info/p1795_Tecnosky-eLLe-Binomount---Montierung-fuer-Gro-fernglaeser-bis-100mm.html


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To image deep sky objects like the Horse you need to think, first, about the mount. You need an equatoprially aligned tracking mount. Exposure times are long (as in several minutes) so the system needs to track the stars and remain correctly orientated as well. To begin by thinking about the optics is a natural beginner's mistake but it really is a mistake. Mount has to come first.

The little scope seems to do well after a poor start when the optics became pinched in the cold. They seem to have sorted this, by all accounts.


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