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Atik 314L+ with 200mm lens


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Hello iv got a canon 200mm f2.8 lens on its way to me shortly. I'm planning on using it with my Atik 314L+ for wide field imaging, I think the back focus of this lens is 44mm my scopetechniks filter wheel Is 19.5mm wide, would anyone know what adapters etc I might need to connect them to achieve the 44mm distance from lens to the chip on the camera?

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Hi Astroblagger

If the Canon lens is a Bayonet fitting you will require this adaptor - M42 Lens to Canon mount adapter ring.

if it's an old style screw thread mount you will need a M42 x 1.0mm female to T2 male adaptor.

I have a 200mm screw thread mount attached to a SXH9 . It has the same chip as the Atik 314L and has a back focus of 17.5mm.

I require a 12mm spacer to obtain focus.



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This is the adapter that I have got http://www.teleskop-express.de/shop/product_info.php/info/p5030_TS-Short-T2-Adapter-for-Canon-EOS-Lenses---only-12mm-length.html - Goes from the lens and gives you a T2 thread that is much more CCD friendly!

There's really very little space when you factor in the 13mm backspace to the sensor, that leaves you 29mm.

The above adapter is 12mm, giving you 17mm left.

You also need to take another 1mm off for the filter width - giving you 16mm.

That's not a lot of space and sadly the GN filter drawer is too wide at 21mm.

Just as an aside, don't know if you've already got a micro focuser http://www.teleskop-express.de/shop/product_info.php/info/p3284_Microfocuser-and-focus-lock-fuer-camera-lenses-up-to-D-105mm.html but as I understand it, focusing a camera lens is pretty difficult without one.

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So I think my options are the geoptik adapter, the TS filter drawer or the gerd nuemann filter drawer, I have read somewhere that the filters are abit tricky to change in the geoptik adapter as the filter screws in internally, might be better with a drawer, what do you think?

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Hello i recieved my 2nd filter drawer and EOS adapter the first one was terribly machined and wobbled when screwed togeather, TS service sent me a newly machined one but the spec is different from the one on the website the thread is only 2 mm instead of 4mm. i was going to use a delrin spacer to get the correct distance but now i cant as the thread isn't long enough, i basically now need a 2.5mm spacer can these be bought anywhere? 

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You may be close enough - give it a try :)

If you're under the 44mm then the focus point will be before infinity, not at it :)

Milk bottle washers are also great for closing the distance. My setup is around 43mm and I can focus without problem

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Ive done it, but if I was you I would go down the filter draw method as it isn't easy..

Just remember to do your flats before you take out the filter and swap it, my method is
ok for CCD that have short register against the nose.. 13mm (314)  I can just manage the Atik 383 too

The bonus with a sealed filter wheel is that the flats can be done after your session, when the clouds have moved in :D


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