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...For Anyone who enjoys viewing the Orion Nebula

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Stunning when you realise the sheer scale of stellar nurseries - it's too easy to think of "dust clouds" in the same way we think of clouds in the sky. Of course these clouds are something else entirely. Very nice find. :)

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Super video  :smiley: It is also strange to think that it my not have always been visible ?

"The telescopic history of the Orion Nebula and the M 43 region is quite an interesting story and contains one of the greatest conundrums in astronomy, worthy of a decent detective mystery. First realised by Alexander von Humboldt, none of the observers before Galileo had noted the particularly bright nebulosity, although to the naked-eye today, it is obviously bright and definitely not stellar. Why this was not observed has yet to be properly explained, meaning either that the Orion Nebula was simply not noted or the seemingly highly unlikely possibility that the nebula was not as bright in the time of Galileo. More strange is that nobody else prior to him has written down the visibility of this particularly famous “Grand Nebula” of the entire sky"


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