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Sock Puppet

The scale of things

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hey rob thanks for posting - that's a great way to illustrate the concept to people who have difficulty comprehending!

i think unless you're a mathematician or scientist who works with such figures all the time, it's hard not to feel out of your depth -

it's all on a totallly different scale to most people's field of experience…i'm certainly no maths-type, but an interest in astronomy

means i can just about appreciate this kind of scale…whereas my otherwise very intelligent girlfriend struggles to get her head

round the numbers, because she just has no frame of reference to grasp things by.

say for e.g. i persuade her to come out in the cold long enough to look at the andromeda galaxy - and she asks "how far away is it?"

well you can't really say 2.4 x 1019 km can you, it doesn't mean anything! so you try to explain by saying she's looking at light that

travelled at over 1000 million km an hour, for 2.5 million years to get to her - and she's starting to edge slowly away now…

by the time you get round to just how mind bogglingly huge that faint little fuzzy thing is - her mind's had enough boggling for one night

and she's shivering her way back to the house!

maybe this will help :)



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   Yes, I too have seen it posted somewhere. Very educational except for one thing - how do "we" know that there is something beyond the "visible" universe since we can't see it (yet)? Does the producer of this info know something we don't? :grin:

   Hey, I couldn't resist...its my suspicious nature :evil:

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10 27     Not a very big number then :laugh: Thanks for posting

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That's great, thanks Rob.  Could spend hours looking at that.

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