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Been asked to give a talk at my local Astro society!


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I received my monthly Astrc Soc. newsletter this morning and on the back was a list of meeting dates and the presentation/talks.

On March 17th the presenter is me. :shock:

This is the 1st I had heard of it. :lol:

The title given is 'Amateur observers of the Night Sky'. Which I guess is an accurate description of what I do.

Do you think I should

a - confuse and bore everyone with the trigonmetric measurements of double stars using a stopwatch :?


b - How to take photos of bright astronomical objects with a mobile phone, Whilst making calls at the same time :lol:

Your thoughts always appreciated



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Do both topics. Since it's the astro society, not a bunch of civilians, they will have to stay awake and pretend to be interested in your stopwatch. If you do it right, you can swing the stopwatch back and forth, and when you have them in your power, pass the plate and ask everyone to put a tenner on it. It's not as if you're speaking to the Rotary Club.

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Congrats, Ian! I always have a lot of fun preparing and giving talks.

Sounds to me like what they're asking you to do is give biographies of "famous" amateur astronomers and their antics. If the maths don't bore them to sleep, I'm sure a few life stories will. :lol:

I've got two more talks so far this year, plus my usual ones at the Grand Canyon, Astronomy day in May and our annual pot luck/star parties. The new ones are for the Phoenix Astronomical Society. One in May on Cataclysmic Variable Stars, the other in October on the Sun. Should be fun!

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