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Hello from Sothren California


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Hi folks. This will be my first post here. I am a 57 year old male who has had a fascination with astronomy every science I was an 8 year old in Arizona and someone let me look through their telescope at the moon. I was completely blown away by what I saw and that wonder I felt has never gone away or lessened with time. About a month ago I bought a 127 mak-cass made by Celestron and I have really enjoyed it so far.

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Hello and welcome.

Whereabouts are you in South Cali?

Some great skies out that way, I remember stopping to look at the Milky way one night somewhere in Arizona / California near Death Valley and being literally amazed at what could be seen.

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Welcome from across the pond.   :smiley:

I got back into Astronomy when I retired, and truly enjoy it when the skies are clear, which isn't often here in my current neck of the woods; sure do miss the California weather.

SGL is a great forum, with a lot of good folks willing to help.

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Arclight, There is no chance of damage to our eyes from the sun over here as we never see it. I will never understand why there are so many amateur astronomers in the UK unless they are all closet cloud gazers. As for you I would think that you are totally spoiled by your skies. Welcome and make us jealous.


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