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Second light Atik 16hrc,M42 and the Running man

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My second go with the Atik1 6HRC ONE SHOT, once again not the best time for this one, with the sky all alight with the bright Moon, but still proved to be pretty good , for this image i used the CLS filter . and ED80 ,subs were 13x5 mins and 2 x 10 mins , once processed , i ran another 13 x 1 min subs for a nice core , these were then layered for a finished image ,

The processing proved a bit difficult , Maxim showed a very rich red colour ,so tweaking the colour setting a few times gave me the colour i like , i guess with this nebula we have so many different colour images , but we have to settle on what we the imager likes , hopefully you will to .




(click to enlarge)

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Mucho Splendido Rog.

Gorgeous in English. And Cushty in any language.

When I eventually serve my apprenticeship, I'm gonna get me one of the thar One Shot colour thingy's.

Ron. :D :D

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Clear evidence that you are really 'getting to grips' with OSC imaging and processing Rog.

Its is a little different to mono imaging, as the exposure needs to be a bit longer, and extracting the colour from the RAW image, adds a another stage to the processing procedure.

However, looking at that image, there's no doubt that you've got it 'cracked', a very nice result indeed.!!


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Thanks Guys , need the feed back , thats great , Kev , so far i find the one shot a lot better,than the LRGB process, but i,m lazy and admit it ,its alot quicker for me anyway to do than the LRGB , as its been said longer exposures are needed , but if you are guiding ,then it presents no problem, the one thing that worried me ,was my location as the Light pollution is pretty bad here , it was a chance i took to purchase this Camera , but in testing so far ,it does show promise with 15 and 20 min exposures on my last image i had no problems , i do use the CLS filter so this no doubt helps .

Processing wise can be difficult , but once you get the swing of it ,its ok , just have to adjust the settings sometimes for different objects ,other than that , great camera .


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Roger, it is true that I have only ever used an OSC but Maxim gives you a head start. Have you tried taking a daylight image using an IR filter and adjusting the RGB percentages in the de-Bayer dialogue box to give you a good daytime rendition? This is what I did and it gives you a good start point for the basic colour production - you can then boost or attenuate a particular channel to your heart's content knowing that the basic colour balance is not far off.

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