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Heads up: Obsy build in March 2014 Astronomy magazine

Martin Meredith

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True, but I guess the fact that the roof seals itself when in the dips would make crud ingress less likely. The U-section would not be exposed to the elements apart from when the roof is open. 

The principle still holds for the right angle section too as far as I can see, although it could be more difficult to produce the kinks in that profile. As a general idea it seems quite sound to me but it might imply having some kind of lever to get the thing up and out of the dips and rolling depending on how heavy the roof is.

Will post a pic when I work out how...

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Although all mine use U section channels there's no doubt in my mind that using a female section rim running on a male section rail would be better from the ice, snow, water, crud point of view. If the sides of the roof come well below the walls of the shed there is no problem whatever with ingress.


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