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First go with DSLR and the moon


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There was a lovely clear start to the evening so thought why not make this the first go with capturing the moon using Canon 1100d in the Heritage.

To see what I was doing I used the rig with the Nexus 7.

Focus was just not happening so I added my 1.6 barlow to the eyepeice nose cone and with dropping the trus down about 2 cm I got focus. This barlow design meant that the camera sunk right into the focus unit keeping the weight very close to the scope.

Rather I reached near focus but looking at the images I took failed to nail perfect focus, though the scope had not cooled down and I do sit very close to the house.


I then took a punt at jupiter and whilst this is not an ideal setup I could make out the two main bands just on the Nexus 7 screen.

I tried DSS on the moon images but it didn't create a great image so this one above was in Registax6 first use so a bit of guess work and watching a YouTube.

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Thanks all :-)

Tried again tonight but I think conditions not so great as focus not as good as above but got to practice before the clouds moved in.

Also discovered that this DSLR controller has a setting that takes photos continuously until I touch the shutter icon again. The fox came to investigate as well but couldn't take a picture as the camera was other wise busy. He was very fluffy today his coat is quite thick.

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Moon was very bright. I finished work, went to town ( wife's Valentines god and card) when I arrived home at 5:30 I think that was the best time to capture the moon. The sky was a beautiful blue and the only other object in the sky was Jupiter. I'm hoping that I have the chance when moon is full. !!!

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The only setting to lock the mirror up is when cleaning the sensor, canon took it out of the 1100d. You just made me think that continuous shooting which is rapid ish 3 per second might cause lots of mirror bounce will have to test that later.

Perhaps I shouldn't be too harsh I took this with the 130mm heritage and maybe I am comparing to images through 200mm and greater :-)

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