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Horsehead and Flame HA First for Months

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I have not imaged for Months after mount and camera problems and the weather.

It was good to get out again before I completely forgot all I learnt.

The moon was out so I thought I would try some HA on the Horsehead.

ED80 6.3FR ATIK 16HR and HA filter guided by a WOZS66 DSIPro on a EQ6pro using EQMOD.

5 x 5 min and 3 x 10 min subs before the guiding stopped.

Will have to play with processing this image more, but glad to get going again.



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A wonderful Image that John. I keep saying this, but mono images of certain deep sky objects just wow me, and this is one of them

An Image very similar to this won POTW a short time back.

Splendid stuff mate.

Ron. :D

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Nice image John. Am I right in assuming that the moon doesn't wash out HA? That would be nice! :D


Yes, HA imaging is good when the moon is out.

Lovely to see you back again John , and back with a lovely image as well , lovely Fov with that set up as well , have you a had a chance to try the QHY8 yet


Rog. I tried the QHY8 last night after the Horsehead. I had a 2 inch HA filter on the ED80 with a 6.3 FR. and was playing with the rosette nebula.

I have to learn the best way to process HA with that camera.

I only got a couple of 10 min subs and the guiding stopped again. Three times last night it just stopped.

It is a new replacement EQ6PRO and seems to work perfectly apart from that. I was using Maxim to guide.

I will have to try PHD again, but it doensn't seem to want to calibrate on the default settings and I have tried a few things , but no great success.


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The biggest problems with PHD when it doesnt want to callibrate is the value in the "callibration step (ms)" box. Shorter focal length guidescope require longer steps. My WO66 requires a value of 1000ms, but when I use my NS8GPS to guide, it only needs a value of 500ms. The callibration will fail if the guide star doesnt move at least 5% of the chip during the max number of callibration steps. So, shorter focal length requires longer callibration steps, longer FL can get away with shorter.

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