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Eyepiece holder that fits the MS Life Cam Cinema

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Hi Andy, Sorry about my old website going down.  The webhosting company went out of business.  I have my website back up permanently using GoDaddy.  My website is GaryHonis.com. The instructions for m

As far as I am aware most webcams have the small 12mm thread. You should be able to unscrew the lens and at least check the thread size. A lot of people also make their own holder, Below is my webcam

Just thing in a few years we will all have access to 3D printers and can make mounts etc. exactly as we want them to fit.

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I saw a spc900 go for £100 on eBay this week. Also as I'm yet to use a lifecam... So welcome any comments from users...

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I remember Morgans selling these for a£10 ,3 years ago inflation as gone crazy

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I'm sure we are our own worst enemies. As soon as we find something mainstream suitable for astronomy, the companies who make it will happily discontinue it and then stick a zero on the end of the price of the suitable replacement!   I'm sure when MS find out the life cam is being used, they will change the shape, design of the mainstream one for the 'punters' and stick make this model about £100  :evil:   Damn I'm cynical LOL

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Okay, the billet parts adaptor works perfectly. Managed to test it finally this evening. Took this image to test it. This is at Dusk so quite dark and focus was rushed. I moved the adaptor in the focusser in and out to achieve focus on this neighbours branch. I know it can focus better. Next time Jupiter when theres a clear evening!!!! Please weather!!!


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I use the billetparts adapter and the Cinema HD mod by Gary.  Everything is working brilliant.  Although small, you can see the image of Jupiter I took with it on one of my first clear nights.

It's great to get into astrophotography without the expenisve kit :) 

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Dont forget you can slip a barlow in the focuser and then your camera

this will enlarge the image . it does make it a little more fiddley 

lining up and focusing. You also need to adjust the cameras setting.

when you barlow up, the cameras image will become duller, so be ready

to adjust your brightness/ exposure a tad. i am sure a few people

barlow up with maybe a 2x or even 3x barlow when imaging jupiter / saturn

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First time using sharpcap too. I over saturated it in the sharpcap settings. Watch this space. Will try again on another clear evening. :)

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