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here's where im at atm deciding between the 120 on an eq5 2nd hand same price as the dob or the new dob seems realy hard to choose between them and I've never used a refractor. im mostly into planets or would like the best planets views I can get Dso's well mayb in time but I Cant find any genrally and don't know where they are even and tbh I just go out and point the scope a bright objects 9in the past experience) im quite new to it have owned a 4.5" reflector in the past. seems really hard to choose obv the refracter used seems a good deal with an eq5 but thr is a simplistic appeal in a dob so simple it seems very tuff to choose and there seems to be varied opinion I spose mainly for me its the best observing views with the best detail lunar and planets I think the 120 has Right ascention tracking drive to well its helios 120 but im fairly confident they are the same scope

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