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Have I Made The Right Choice Of CCD?


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I am getting to the stage where I am ready to start imaging with a dedicated CCD camera.

I have a Skywatcher Quattro 10" Newtonian.

My search has narrowed down to the Atik 383L/EFW2 Filter Wheel Package.

With the coma corrector my scope is just under F4.

I am thinking of starting off with a set of LRGB filters and would like to know if I would need the 2" mounted or unmounted filters?




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You wouldn't need 2 inch. Baader do an intermediate size for the 8300 chip but I don't know whether Atik have a carousel for those filters. Easy to check.

Lots of people use 1.25 with the 383 and correct with flats, but you have a fast scope there so it might not be dead easy. Maybe someone will come along with experience.

Atik are introducing a range with integral filterwheel and presumably they'll have the filters close to the chip like the QSI, meaning that 1.25 would be fine.

Atik may be a bit pessimistic on filter sizes since they reckon mounted 2 inch will badly vignette the 11000. I use 2 inch mounted at F5 on one 11000 and find no very significant difference between that system and the other half of our tandem rig which uses 2 inch unmounted in front of an 11000 and an identical scope.


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I was hoping that you would step in here Olly, thanks.

What is the intermediate size?

Do you have any idea when Atik are going to introduce the new ccds?

Merci Beaucoup.

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The intermediates are 36mm, as here: http://www.teleskop-express.de/shop/product_info.php/info/p4361_Baader-36mm-LRGBC-CCD-Filter-set-w-o-cell---Interference-filter.html

You save about a hundred euros. Judging by the comments below from Atik this might be your safest bet. A carousel is available.

I don't know when the new cameras will be ready though, or whether the 383 is in line for the integral treatment. The EFW2 is excellent but at F4 might be better with the larger size.


From Atik's site; Of special interest to Atik 383L+ users is the short distance from the filters to the CCD. THis means that popular 1.25" filters can be used with this sensor down to f/5, without any relevant vignetting.

Filter disk options include 5x50.8mm, 5x2” mounted, 7x36mm and 9x1.25” mounted.

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Here is two examples of an Atik 383L with a TS filter drawer and 1.25in filters.

I like my 383L For the money i don't think you could ever beat it!

Both images are just 4 x 10min subs in HA as a test. The F4 system has something wrong with either the secondary or main mirror as you may be able to tell from the stars but it should give you a good idea of what the vignetting is like.

I think TS filter drawer puts the filter a little closer to the ccd than the Atik filter wheel but i maybe wrong.

There is no flats or correcting done to these images and they are uncropped full frames. They are pushed a little far so you can see the vignetting.





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What i do find odd is with a canon f2.8 lens there is very little light cut off from the filter.

If this was an f2.8 mirror scope there would be a circle in the middle.

Canon 200mm f2.8L @ f2.8


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