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Deep Sky Moon - Feb. 2nd, 2014

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I was agonising over whether to set up the deep sky imaging gear last night. I chickened out, convincing myself that there was a lot of star twinkling going on! This of course had nothing to do with it having been cold and windy all day... :embarassed:

So I took this quick snap of the moon instead, stacking about 1,000 out of 2,400 frames and using a red filter, which also cuts IR. Then I made a quick dash back indoors to a hot cuppa :grin:  Hope we do get a properly good night soon, it's been a while since I've done any DSO observing. I will even brave sub-zero temps!! :grin: :grin:



Feb. 2nd, 2014

Onyx 80mm, Grasshopper 3 (ICX687), red filter

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Thanks Beulah, Richard, Carl, Lee and Al :)

When I got back home last night I could see the moon out and I did wonder if I should try and image it, even though it seemed pretty windy...

I then noticed part of my fence had fallen down, and the wind was about 50mph. Not my best idea! :grin:

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Sorry to hear about your fences (we have the same issue at the moment, came home to find a fence panel lying just a few feet from the mount :( )

That crescent moon. Is lovely, really very sharp. The other are right it does have a natural authentic feel to it difficult to explain what I mean...

Cracking shot.


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Thanks, CJ77 and Ant :smiley:

CJ77, I really like imaging the moon. I love deep sky as well but the nice thing about the moon is the videos I take are about 1 minute long, whereas with deep sky I really want three or four hours of shots plus, which isn't working out very well with life and weather at the moment! Maybe one day the deep sky stuff will be easier for me again, I suspect I'd need an obsy to help out!

Ant, hope your fence is sorted, the annoying thing is Sarah and I knew the post was on the way out, but it's been too windy to repair it! :grin:

Thanks all re: the "natural" feel, that's interesting and helpful, I did a few things different this time and I tried to get a more natural balance of the lighting from the right edge inwards (I normally capture with a high gamma and that plus the way I process, I tend to lose the original lighting balance).

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