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My First Constallation

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Hi SGL'ers

This is my first ever image so please be kind. I'm trying to get my head around stacking and using DSS and this is my result.

 I cannot for the life of me remember how many images, darks, flats and Bias I stacked because this must be the 20th image I stacked restacked deleated and stacked again. But I do know the following,

These are jpeg

Shot wit a Canon 60d

Shot on a camera tripod untracked

iso 500




This was taken from my back garden in a heavily LP area. (you will notice the light on the tree to the left of the frame)


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thanks. I tried to stack the Raw files. At first I couldn't get it to work so I downloaded the 3.3.3 beta version but the image looked blurry in places. I'm going to have a another go now :)

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Nice image! I have almost the same on film, taken ages ago with manual guiding :D Still remember the excitement of that image...

You are on the right way, but be ware it is highly addictive :D

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