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how heavy is it I keep seeing different weight some saying its heavy some not ive seen some one move it and to me it looked very easy to move and set up as I will have to put mine if I get one in the boot of the car and drive to use it if its is very cumbersome im kind of unsure it is large but separated looks like it is quite light? or else im maybe looking at a Evostar 120 eq5 depends as price is quite different, but maybe I find something second hand.

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The 200p comes in 2 boxes, which I still have. The mount box is 14kg and the scope is 8kg. The boxes weigh almost noting so those are good approximations of the weight of each part.

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For a normal average healthy person, no back problems you'll have no issue with an 8 inch Dobsonian at all. If you have a small car and want to transport it you may want to consider that  or live in in flat and have to go down many stairs you may want to give it a thought. 


The specs are here




and if you want to see how they stack up compared to a fairly hefty 6 footer person have a watch of this



Good luck :smiley:

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I carry mine up and down the stairs in my house complete. I'm not a particularly strong person, but it's manageable. If I separate the OTA from the base it's easily manageable but obviously it's two trips up and down the stairs then, and I'm too lazy for that :grin:

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